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       These are reviews based on reviews I read on of the top five best selling games. I put the pros and cons of the game that I find. The stars are the average the game gets on Amazon and then the grade is what I give the game based on what I read. Hopefully, I'll update every weekend.
1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (not yet released, I read a review from an article that was posted on Amazon)-- 4.5 Stars
       Positives: Graphics, new radio stations added, better weapons, you can swim if you go into a body of water, and new vehicles.
       Negatives: None were really told.. kind of confusing.
       Auldyn's Grade: I'm not a big GTA person, but probably an A if there's nothing wrong with it.
2. Halo 2 Limited Edition (for the XBox)-- 4.5 Stars
       Positives: Uh.. it's Halo 2.. need I say more?
       Negatives: Well, nothing, duh. Unless you're the stupid people on Amazon who say "Halo sux, it's too overrated." or "I'm scared it's not going to be so good." and the ever-popular "It's taking too long for it to come out!" What were people thinking when saying this?
       Auldyn's Grade: Uh.. an A++
3. Halo 2 (just look at Halo 2 Limited Edition for review)
*4. The Sims 2 (for the PC)-- 4.5 Stars
       Positives: This game is definitely better than the original Sims. The graphics are awesome because of how you can zoom in and out, the 3D turning where you can really see any angle of what you're looking at, and how the objects look when your Sim is interacting with it. The Sim Builder is nice too, choosing what you're Sim wears, what their nose looks like, and what kind of make-up they wear. Another plus is how you can have more than one story to your house.
       Negatives: The time that you have to teach your toddlers the essential needs (walking, talking, potty training) is horrible! You only have a little over a week, and it's hard, especially if you have a job and not a lot of money. When building mulitple floors or making "towers" sometimes the windows seem to disappear. This is a glitch in the game and is really really annoying. I'm not fond of the styles chosen in the game for furniture, paint, wallpaper, etc. I only like one of them and I'm tired of building the same house just different sizes. I wish it had more variety. On the internet people complained of the amount of memory that the game takes up, well while you install the game it says "This takes up (whatever amount of G's). Are you sure you want to install?" They must have not seen that.
       Auldyn's Grade: A-
5. Myst IV: Revelation (for the PC)-- 5 Stars
       Positives: Personally, I enjoy playing the Myst games. And so do many of the reviewers on Amazon. They say that the graphics are amazing, they should be when it takes up 8 Gig on you hard drive. If you're a patient game player, you'll enjoy this, many say you need to take your time and really explore your world.
       Negatives: One person who has a certain type of graphics card has problems with the game. I'd do research on it, I know he mentioned it on Amazon. People also said that not being able to pick up a lot of things got annoying, you never knew if you could pick it up or not and you can't read some books.
       Auldyn's Grade: A-
*= I've played it myself.